June 26, 2014 – Party in the Park, Jazz Fest, Out on East Ave


What an amazing night in Rochester! Thanks to everyone who came out and Had A Good Night with us!

Shout out to The City of Rochester, Windstream, and Up All Night. The bands at Party in the Park were great!

Big thanks to Xerox for putting on the Jazz Fest. The music had everyone feeling good!

Now check out all 774 pictures! Be sure to share and tag your photos! June 26, 2014 – Party in the Park, Jazz Fest, Out on East Ave

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6/16 Update: Who we are and what’s coming soon.

First off, I want to say THANK YOU! Allen and I are working hard to bring you what you want. We are creating a website for ALL of YOU, the people that love to enjoy life! Good people, good times. Can you believe we had over 115,000 page views in the first month!? Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much.

Also, We are adding a “Scavenger Hunt” to the iHadAGoodNight.com network. The details still need to be ironed out, but the general idea is that there will be a point system based on who is the quickest to find certain “objects” in the photos. The person that accumulates the most points will win stuff!

Finally, I just want to say a few things, so all of the visitors both new and old, know what iHadAGoodNight.com is all about.

  • Short Description

    iHadAGoodNight.com is a social web site with photos, “For anyone who has Had A Good Night!”

  • Company Overview

    iHadAGoodNight.com is a web site that enables users to share their photographs with their family, friends, and the world.

    iHadAGoodNight.com is great for people who love to go out and take pictures of their good times, fun times, and experiences.

  • Mission

    The mission of iHadAGoodNight.com is to create an environment for people that love life to share their experiences with other people from around the world.

    iHadAGoodNight.com is also committed to creating a business directory of hard-working, driven individuals, that do work. iHadAGoodNight.com is seeking to promote the best of the best in the business world.

East End Festival

Yo Rochester! East End Fest starts at 5pm tonight! Get down there and have a great time tonight! Food, music, friends, and more! Look out for Allen passing out our all new iHadAGoodNight.com stickers and of course, taking pictures. Be sure to visit the website because we are going to have you saying iHadAGoodNight!

Music: Teagan and the Tweeds, Haewa, RootsCollider, Big Eyed Phish – Dave Matthews Tribute Band, Extended Family, Rockwith Springer, Cry to the Blind

Food: Le Petit Poutine, Chowder UP. Seafood, lettuce b. frank, Wraps on Wheels, Cheesed and Confused, Effortlessly Healthy, J&S Fried Dough, Stingray Sushifusion Truck, Yummies Frozen Yogurt


KASKADE: Mysteryland 2014

Spot the iHadAGoodNight.com sign in the crowd (left; left; center) at 2:43 ; 3:35 ; and 3:39

Published on Jun 10, 2014

Follow Kaskade behind the scenes as he closes down America’s inaugural Mysteryland at the historic site of Woodstock.

1. Kaskade (ft. Adam Klopp) – Please Say You Will
2. Kaskade vs. Patric La Funk & DBN – Please Say Quick Quack